27th April 2015:


Head over to the ‘BUY’ section to place your order now. A million thank-yous to everyone who has already pre-ordered, and to everyone who is going to buy now it’s out. And the hugest thanks to everyone that made it possible – the band, the label, The Ladder Factory studio and the support of all friends and family. You are all amazing.

– Sam xxx


24th April 2015:

The EP is ready to release for Monday! There’s a new documentary, ‘Recording The Incredible Disappearing Boy – A short film by Henry Meredith & Thom Gardner’ that’s up on the WATCH page. Go watch! And remember, if you pre-order now, you get instant access to It’ll Be Alright!

– Sam

12th April 2015:

Just over two weeks until release date! Pre-sales are now open for the EP – head over to the BUY link, and choose between the standard edition (4 songs, a range of formats) or Enhanced version. This comes bundled with an extra song, videos, a PDF booklet and access to the mulitrack audio files for ‘Where I Wanted To Be’ for remixing and general non-commercial tomfoolery! speaking of that song…

…have a video!

– Sam

4th April 2015:


Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 21.05.44

I’m super excited to reveal that the Incredible Disappearing Boy’s eponymous debut EP is slated for worldwide release on April 27th, 2015 via Secret Chord Records. I have huge love for this label – their roster is incredible (check out Super Squarecloud, Dead Royalties, Coasters, Nudybronque….. just check the whole label!) and they are kindred spirits who function solely to distribute fantastic music. More to come on this, including new videos and details of pre-sale etc.

– Sam

27th March 2015:


23rd March 2015:

Recording done! Mixing and mastering to follow swiftly; stay tuned for details of release. In the meantime….

HAVE SOME ARTWORK! It’s based on the painting ‘Red Sky’ by Orela Vokes. I think it’s beautiful.

– Sam

IDB Front

22nd March 2015:

Last day in the studio today. It’s gone better than I dared imagine – so many incredible musicians have played their hearts out on this. So, SO close to having something you can hear…. and maybe see too…

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 08.03.30

– Sam

17th March 2015:

Artwork is being prepared! It’s a wonderful image, one I’ve been fond of for a long time. It almost inspired the EP, in a weird way. Cannot wait to let you all see it!

In musical news, I bought a harmonica. Those things are EXPENSIVE. So pumped for the recording session!

– Sam

11th March 2015:

Righty-ho: demos are done. Charts are written. Scores edited and musicians about as prepped as I want them to be (i.e. not a lot!). Seriously excited by the vibe I’m getting from the people that have heard these songs, and equally excited to hear what this crack team of musical craftsmen are going to add to it. LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL THE TAPE HITS THE CAPSTAN!

– Sam

6th March 2015:

Ok, so here we are….

I’m heading to the studio in two weeks to cut the debut EP. Songs are in the final stages of tweaking, lyric re-writes are done, now just getting into the serious business of charting and scoring the thing. I’m taking a group of super musicians in with me – none of whom have heard the songs. The aim is to introduce the songs to them on the first day of recording – listen to some tunes, feel out the arrangements and basically let each musician put their stamp on the songs. I want to record this the old-fashioned way, with a great band in a great room.

I’ve also drafted in a video production company to document the recording process. Stay tuned!

– Sam