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The Incredible Disappearing Boy is the new musical outlet for songwriter, musician and recording engineer Samuel Bates. After fifteen years of searching, refining, experimenting and learning, we arrive at this. A heady mixture of late-era Beatles, the soulful vibe of The Band, the raw edge of Neil Young and a willingness to stretch traditional song structure.

The Incredible Disappearing Boy’s self-titled debut EP is due for release on the 27th April 2015, through Secret Chord Records.


Sam 1

Samuel Bates is a recording engineer, musician and professional procrastinator from Wiltshire, UK. In a musical career spanning 15 years, Samuel has fronted several rock bands, played numerous festivals including an appearance at the world-famous Glastonbury, and played sideman to some of the country’s hottest talents. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Samuel is most commonly found holed up in The Ladder Factory, a rural analog studio in Oxfordshire. Combining a love for composition, production and performance with a desire to revisit some of the classic forms of songwriting, The Incredible Disappearing Boy was born in early 2015. The debut EP was recorded by Samuel at The Ladder Factory, aided and abetted by a supporting cast of top musicians.


Millin 1

Rich Millin is one of the most respected drummers in the UK and Europe. Formerly of indie rock band Belarus, Rich is now based in Berlin, DE and is a session musician working in a range of groups and studio projects.

Jon 1

Jon Buckett is a recording engineer and multi-instrumentallist, who gave up his incredible talents on piano, organ and keyboards for the EP. Jon can often be found gracing the stage with one-time Robert Plant accomplice Innes Sibun, when he’s not recording at his studio, Earthworm.

Cinzano 2

Ian ‘Cinzano’ Taylor is a vastly talented guitarist and bassist, who held it down on four strings for the EP. A great songwriter and truly intuitive musician.